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Design and developed by GVNML ‘Chauka’ literally means a rectangular enclosure, a small gradient enveloped by earthen bunds or dykes on three sides.

Rajasthan’s one of the major sources of livelihood is Animal husbandry but its main problem is grazing and drinking water. Taking cognizance of this, GVNML initiated a massive programme for rejuvenating village common pasturelands that over the years have become completely degraded due to collapse of management systems. The long-term objective of this programme was to develop village commons as a base for fodder resources and demonstrate that village commons can be developed and made productive by applying simple technology.

In order to design and develop an appropriate technology especially suited to rejuvenating the vegetal cover on village common lands and to improve their ecology in arid and semi-arid regions, GVNML went through the following process:



People's Institution



Vilages Reached



People's Benefitted



Hectare Common land Developed & Managed


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Securing Rural Livelihood

Rajasthan is a state which has biggest geographical area in India (10% of total country’s area) out of it 54% area is not suitable for agriculture so cultivable area

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Safe & Equitable Drinking Water

GVNML Partnered with Govt. of Rajasthan to supply and manage Functional House Tap Connection (FHTC) Government of India has restructured and merged all existing drinking water projects under National

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Save Nature – Save Environment

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Become A Proud Volunteer

We welcome you to come and share your skills to help our organization and give your input to improve local ecology and village life in the marginalized sectors of Rajasthan. GVNML specifically encourage Technical Volunteers such as Hydrologist, Geologists, Ornithologists and expert in Documentation and Communication.

We also need those volunteer which can able to develop good quality project document that can be forwarded for funding because our project is heavily depends on the financial generosity of our funding partners.

Case Study of Previous Volunteer in GVNML

Ms. Isabel Kerney from UK

Mr. Deniel Symonds from USA


Our Team

Mrs. Sunita Narayan

Intenational Expert & CEO CSE New Delhi

Mr. Rajendra Singh

Water Man