Organizational Brief History

In 1977 an informal group of vibrant youth of Laporiya village initiated development works. This group was very much concerned about the degraded and poor conditions of natural resources of the village resulting in poor environment, crisis of water and fodder resources availability. These conditions prompted them to initiate voluntary action for repair of existing water harvesting structures namely the village pond and for development of village commons. The significant feature of this action was Shramdaan by local residents.

This paved the way for launching collective efforts with help of the community. Subsequently, this group in 1986was registered in the name of Gram Vikas Navyuwak Mandal, Laporiya (GVNML). This registration took place under the leadership of Shri Laxman Singh, the one amongst the youth. GVNML working area now is endowed with ponds, Chaukas (innovative technique for Pastureland development and in-situ soil and water conservation), canals, local flora and fauna that have help improve people's livelihoods. The rain water now is stored in village ponds to cater to the needs of the community for the full year.

The GVNML team has fulfilled part of its mission to an extent; however, one has to go a long way especially with regard to transforming the relationship and values upheld by the community towards their natural resources. The community now is educated, conscious about their resources and the means of protecting the same thus leading to self-reliance.